Case Study: AQUA DOC

Mosaic started working with AQUA DOC for one specific purpose. Since then, the relationship has grown, and so has the scope of work due to the trust built and outstanding results captured.

New Market Penetration

289 New Leads Generated

7 Markets Served

Now Serving All 7 Markets

Account Growth

Budgets Increased 313% YoY

New Areas of Service

Web Dev & Tradeshow Geofencing

Mosaic and AQUA DOC partnered just as AQUA DOC was entering a new market. We began working together in the capacity of helping them promote their brand, services, and products in the new market to find new business opportunities.

We started by launching a targeted Google Ads program in the new market, which helped turbocharge market penetration to the tune of 289 high quality leads over the first 12 months.

Since then, the budget has grown by 313%, and Mosaic has become their agency of choice for all digital marketing support. We are now involved with:

  • Promoting AQUA DOC in all 7 markets they operate in.
  • Support web development initiatives.
  • Geofence tradeshows and conferences to promote AQUA DOC to a targeted audience.

AQUA DOC Case Study Closing

The relationship between Mosaic and AQUA DOC continues to flourish, driven by the exceptional results produced by Mosaic eMarketing. Through innovative digital marketing strategies and continual campaign execution, Mosaic eMarketing has consistently delivered impressive outcomes that have significantly enhanced AQUA DOC’s market presence and customer engagement. The trust and collaboration between the two companies have strengthened over time, as Mosaic’s data-driven approach and commitment to excellence have led to sustained growth and success for AQUA DOC. This ongoing partnership exemplifies the power of strategic digital marketing in achieving business objectives and fostering long-term business relationships.

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