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There are nearly 2 million unique apps available for download in the Apple App Store alone. How can you compete? With a data-based app marketing strategy that improves your ranking potential and visibility.

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Odds are you invested countless hours and dollars into creating your app. But how do you make it stand out amongst the more than 6 million apps across all the major app stores? Mobile app store optimization and marketing. To gain more visibility and to rank higher in app stores, you need a critical understanding of your target customer base.

Partnering with Mosaic eMarketing gives you more than just a cookie-cutter approach to mobile app promotion. We can help you identify, manage, and optimize your app through sophisticated data analysis.

All of our efforts are based on analytics and tailored to your industry and consumer behavior. Just some of the mobile app marketing strategies we specialize in include:

  1. Researching and identifying core platforms to create paid ad campaigns that are relevant to your app and user base
  2. Incentivizing users to leave positive ratings and reviews on your app to improve your rankings
  3. Optimizing your app name, keywords, description, and subtitles with relevant data-based keywords

By investing in an app marketing strategy, you can take your app downloads to the next level. Learn more!

Why App Promotion Matters

If your goal is to compete among the millions of apps in the major app stores, then you must learn how to promote your app to grow new business effectively. By focusing on a mobile-first audience, you can drive app downloads and in-app purchases, which should ultimately be the goal when creating a mobile app. With a strategic investment into paid advertising, you can drive higher engagement, retention rates, and ROI.

As an app marketing agency, we use data to analyze what resonates with customers and find the best avenues to promote your app and help you go viral.

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As a full-service app marketing agency, we understand there isn’t just one way to get your app to rank higher. You need an omnichannel approach that involves optimizing your ad in the app store, marketing your app through paid channels, and promoting your app through social media. Through A/B testing, diving into analytics, and using data to drive our marketing decisions, we can help you spread your marketing budget further to acquire new downloads and in-app purchases.

We are proud to take our client’s current app marketing efforts to the next level. With data-based marketing decisions and strategic game plans, we hope to exceed expectations and drive results where it matters most.

You worked hard on developing your app; let us help you get it seen by the right people. Let’s schedule a time to talk about your marketing goals!

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