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Ranking organically on search engines is not easy. It takes a multifaceted approach driven by sounds strategy and consistent execution. We can help!

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the at of ranking for products and services that are important to your business organically, or free, in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and more. There are many on-site and external factors to consider when looking to boost your organic search rankings. The goal is to set each site up for success on-site, while also helping to optimize some of those external factors to set you up for success.

Through Search Engine Optimization, we can:

  1. Manage internal linking opportunities, copy for meta title, meta description and meta keywords
  2. Recommendations to improve search engine indexing/ crawling, improve on factors important when ranking a site, and navigation suggestions and fixes
  3. Plan future strategies and objectives the marketing team can execute on

Some of the search engine we can help you rank on

On-page SEO:

  • Phase 1: Research and Insights
    • Business objectives – We take the time to learn what your business objectives are and where you believe the opportunities are.
    • Web analytics research – We dive into your Google analytics, or other web analyzer, account to understand more about your website and where your traffic is coming from.
    • Keyword research – We perform keyword research to understand where the search demand is coming from and where the opportunities are.
    • Competitive research – We perform competitive research to understand what your competition is doing and what keywords they are ranking for.
    • Website audit – We perform a page by page audit to understand where the opportunities for improvement are.


  • Phase 2: Strategy Document
    After completing phase 1 we will build a comprehensive strategy document to hand over to you that includes all our recommendations and ‘to-do’s” for your web admin. Executing on this document will be critical to set the foundation for your website and the growth of organic traffic. This document will include:

    • Recommended actions for every page on the site:
      • Internal linking opportunities
      • Copy for meta title, meta description and meta keywords
      • Suggestions for content updates
      • Recommended image names
    • Recommended global website actions:
      • Recommendations to improve search engine indexing/ crawling
      • Recommendations to improve on factors important when ranking a site
      • Navigation suggestions and fixes
      • Blog considerations
      • Future strategies and objectives the marketing team can execute on

Offsite SEO

Regarding offsite SEO, this is work Mosaic can perform outside of your website to help set you up for organic ranking success. This includes:

  • My business listing optimizations through Google and Bing.
  • Launch and optimize a Google and Bing webmasters account – This ensures search engines are crawling and indexing your site, as-well-as notifies us of any errors.
  • Future strategies and considerations regarding reviews, social content and more.

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