Case Study: Sotera Health

After taking ownership of two Google Ad accounts, one for Sterigenics and one for Nelson Labs, we dove into the data, restructured and rebuilt both Google Ad accounts. Big gains were made to both.


increase to Sterigenics monthly conversions


decrease to Sterigenics cost per conversion


increase to Nelson Labs conversion rate


increase to Nelson Labs click through rate (CTR)

Sotera Health Case Study Overview

Sotera Health came to Mosaic with a basic need that went something like this, “We are investing in a Google Ads program for two of our businesses, Sterigenics and Nelson Labs, and we would like Mosaic e Marketing to take a look at the programs and give us feedback.” This prompted the team to dive into both accounts and pull together a comprehensive review of our finding, which included the good we found, the areas for opportunity, and our recommendations to help improve efficiency and effectiveness. After taking ownership of both accounts, rebuilding the program, and managing, we saw drastic improvements in performance.

How did we drastically boost the Google Ads performance for both businesses?

  • Understanding each business and their goals:
    • Spent time with internal experts to understand their services better
    • Spent time with the internal marketing teams to understand their goals
    • Audited their website to understand the entire scope of services they offer, and what content was available to web users
  • Google Ads audit. We …
    • Identified what was not working in both accounts
    • Identified what was working in both accounts
    • Analyzed the account architecture, to see if it was set up with best practice
    • Audited the account settings, ads, ad extensions, targeting, keyword type, search query reports, conversion tracking, and more
  • Analytics Review. We …
    • Dove into Google Analytics to understand how people were searching organically, and what was driving value
    • Performed a comprehensive competitive review to understand what their competitors were doing in the paid search and organic search marketing space

The Mosaic eMarketing team took all of our finding from each one of the above processes, and we:

  • Rebuilt the account architecture (campaigns, ad group, and keyword) structure in both accounts. This included adding a breadth of new targeting opportunity that was not factored into the old accounts structure.
  • Set the account up with best practice. This included:
    • Building multiple ads and ad types for testing purposes. This also included making sure the ad copy was extremely relevant to the grouping of keywords in each ad group, to help ensure we have a favorable quality score rating.
    • Leveraging all relevant ad extensions.
    • Comprehensive negative keyword research, and adding a robust list of negative keywords to each campaign and ad group
    • Setting up the proper geographic targeting, bidding strategies, and audience observation lists.
    • Implementing Universal Google Analytics, Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager, and fixing conversion tracking to have more accurate and complete reporting.
    • Modified their attribution model to give a more comprehensive view of program performance.

From day one, both accounts hit the ground running and we experienced an immediate boost in performance. In addition to setting the program up for success, we always take a proactive management approach to ensure we are adapting to our clients business needs, the competitive landscape, search demand factors, and performance we are seeing within the account.

In addition to launching the new and improved Google Ads program for Sterigenics and Nelson Labs, we also help out with SEO, trade show geo fencing, and we have built and implemented a custom analytics solution through AvanceVue. AvanceVue gives them a custom marketing dashboard that pulls multiple data sources together in one view, gives them the ability to tie lead activity to revenue, and uncovers often overlooked, but critical insights for each marketing programs.

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