Case Study: Apex Skin & Dermatology

Mosaic and Apex Skin partnered with the goal of creating a more efficient, effective, and transparent Google Ads program.

Media Spend

Decreased by 39%


Increased by 82%


Increased by 183%

Conversion Rate

Increased by 55%

Mosaic eMarketing and Apex Skin & Dermatolgy partnered with multiple goals in mind.

  • Goal #1: Take over management of thier exisitng Google Ad program and drive greater efficencies with key metrics like improved click through rates, increased conversions, and increased conversion rates, all while reducing budget. Mosaic has excelled at achieving this. Dispite a cost reduction of 39%, CTR’s have increased by 82%, conversions have increased by 183%, and conversion rates have increased by 55%.
  • Goal #2: Restruction the Google Ad account to make it easier to manege, more targeted, and create additional flexibility for future optimizations. We rebuilt all campaigns, and the efficency metrics speak to to how well the restructure is performing.
  • Goal #3: Greater level reporting. We’ve build a custom Google Looker report giving them real time access to program performance, with a greater level of transparency into conversions.
  • Goal #4: Built a microsite and integrate form fills into PipeDrive for internal lead tracking and management. Check it out here: https://go.apexskin.com/

Apex Skin & Dermatology Case Study Closing

Mosaic eMarketing has significantly enhanced Apex Skin & Dermatology’s efficiency in digital marketing spend, driving remarkable improvements in performance. By implementing data-driven strategies and optimizing ad campaigns, Mosaic eMarketing ensured that every dollar spent yielded maximum return on investment. Our approach led to better-targeted ads, higher engagement rates, and a substantial increase in patient inquiries and appointments. Continuous performance analysis and adjustments further refined the campaigns, resulting in sustained growth and improved visibility for Apex Skin & Dermatology. The partnership has not only streamlined marketing efforts but also solidified Apex’s position as a leading dermatology provider.


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