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Your new product is the result of countless hours of hard work. But, the work doesn’t end once the product is created. To get the word out, you need a product promotion strategy that reaches your target audience.

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Launching a new product is exciting and equally stressful. Investing time, money, and research into a product means you can’t afford for it not to be a raving success. That’s where we come in. At Mosaic eMarketing, we take your product and knowledge and turn it into a comprehensive product promotion strategy that puts your product in front of the right audience. With so many businesses pivoting to an eCommerce-driven marketing strategy, you can’t afford to stand by the sidelines.

We never take a one-size-fits-all approach to our product promotion programs. We take the time to get to know your product from the inside out to market it in the best way possible. Just some of the strategies we employ include:

  1. Exclusive Previews directed at your current loyal customers to build awareness and grow interest
  2. Socially driven introductory offers to target new customers that fit your key demographic and customer profiles
  3. Strategically planned email marketing and social media campaigns to boost product recognition and sales
  4. On-site optimization to build organic traffic to the relevant on-site pages using targeted keywords

At Mosaic eMarketing, we believe the best way to tackle product promotion programs is with a holistic approach tailored to your brand, your product, and your goals. We invest in diverse expertise, helping us bring maximum value to our clients. Cross-channel promotion is a tried and true approach to getting your message out and assisting audiences to learn about your product.


What is Product Promotion?

Product promotion is a form of advertising that involves the distribution of information about a product to consumers. Product promotion can be used in many different ways, and we have experienced success leveraging online channels to promote products, build awareness, target the right audience, and ultimately generate sales. Here at Mosaic eMarketing, we lean on analytics to help us understand who the right audience is, what the right platforms and strategies are, and ultimately how to most effectively reach them.

Why Product Promotion Matters

Many companies believe their product launches will market themselves. This is not true. The goal is to set yourself apart from your competitors and highlight the products, services, and offerings that make you unique. Give them a reason to choose you over a competitor.

All of our digital marketing strategies, big and small, are built on data. By making smart, educated, and informed decisions, we can maximize your marketing spend to get your new products in front of the right audiences.

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We have seen many marketing companies who rely on their past successes to guide their decisions in the future. eMarketing changes rapidly, and adapting is the best way to continue to drive success. At Mosaic eMarketing, we don’t rely on previous wins to guide our strategies for clients. We rely on data. We take the time to build a complete, trustworthy picture of your industry landscape from data and use it to inform all our decisions moving forward.

Our client’s success is our success. Every decision we make is made with thoughtfulness and precision. It will continue to be our goal to help your business thrive in a way that exceeds your expectations and makes you excited about marketing.

Whether you are starting from scratch or looking for a new way of approaching your marketing strategy, we’d love to share our ideas. Set up a time to chat!

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