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We love data, don’t you? As Google’s free digital marketing dashboard and reporting tool, you can get customized data insights that help you grow your business.

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Digital Marketing Dashboard with Google Data Studio

We thrive at taking data and turning it into valuable insights for our clients. With Google Data Studio, we can marry our clients’ data sources effortlessly to get a complete snapshot of how their current digital marketing efforts are performing so we can make improvements. With Google Data Studio, you can turn your data into digestible monthly or even weekly reports that can be shared across teams to keep everyone well informed about how your marketing efforts are performing.

Why is this valuable? With Google Data Studio, you can streamline the reporting process to save you time and energy and provide you with the extensive data points you need to drive future decisions.

We recommend our clients use Google Data Studio to:

  1. Share valuable digital marketing metrics with key stakeholders on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis
  2. Measure your digital marketing efforts in a way that is tangible and actionable
  3. Create an additional layer of analysis and insights to identify trends, weak spots, or new opportunities

Our digital marketing process is extensive in that we take the time to analyze all data points. Luckily, with a digital marketing dashboard like Google Data Studio, we can produce clear reports and dashboards that give us a clearer understanding of where to take your company’s marketing efforts next.

Some of the other analytical tools we use

Why a Performance Marketing Dashboard Matters

Unlike other digital marketing companies, we rely on data to guide all of our decisions for clients. We don’t rest on our laurels or use our past successes to guide our future decisions. We explore your business in a silo to get a true understanding of how your current marketing efforts are performing and how our services can help improve these overall performance metrics.

Tools like Google Data Studio ensure we can visually compare valuable data points to drive consistent program growth. Through testing, tuning, and reviewing analytics metrics, we can help build upon your digital marketing efforts to maximize results.

Partner with Mosaic eMarketing

Most of our clients are already using Google Analytics and Google Search Console, but not many integrate this data with what can be found in Google Data Studio. With Mosaic eMarketing, you can get a comprehensive 360-degree view of your current digital marketing performance, and you can get data-based strategies to improve on it.

We use our unique abilities to connect people, solve problems, celebrate client success, and choose principle over profits. Your success is directly tied to our success, and we will always keep pushing through the data to gather valuable insights that enhance your digital efforts.

We look forward to working with you. Set up a time to chat about how Google Data Studio can improve your performance metrics!

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