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If you aren’t using Google Tag Manager yet, now is the time to start. Gain complete control over your conversion tracking, site analytics, and more with just one little tag.

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Google Tag Manager Management: Our Process

Even if you aren’t using it, you’ve probably heard of it. Put simply, Google Tag Manager is a free tool designed to simplify the process of adding tracking tags to manage your data better. At Mosaic eMarketing, data is everything. Using tags to track conversions, analytic events, remarketing, and more gives you a better, more complete picture of how your efforts are performing. And since we do not recommend our clients invest in any marketing programs or tactics unless there is a purpose behind it, we value Google Tag Manager. 

This free tool can be used to: 

  1. Increase your agility as a company by tracking activity across your site, apps, and more using just one tool
  2. Check for any errors with your critical data collection points before they become an issue
  3. Work across teams and throughout your organization through multi-environment testing and publishing

As a Google Tag Manager management company, we recommend that all of our clients use the free resources available to them to maximize efficiencies and grow valuable data. 

Some of the other analytical tools we use

Why Google Tag Manager Matters

Your business has to move fast to keep up with competitors and to continue growing our digital footprint. Google Tag Manager is uniquely designed to help you deploy valuable tracking codes in a way that is efficient, easily managed, and compatible with all your digital marketing efforts. With valuable testing tools built-in, you can ensure your tracking codes are working in a way that will provide you the best possible data.

At Mosaic eMarketing, we don’t make any decisions for our clients without data to back them up. Google Tag Manager allows us to make sure all the data points we use to develop your digital marketing strategies are accurate and comprehensive.

Why Choose Mosaic eMarketing?

While you are the expert in your industry, you are probably not an expert at digital marketing. Luckily, we are. And instead of hoping our clients trust our expertise, we back up every strategy, tactic, and suggestion with data from your website. We don’t rely on our past successes to guide our future strategies. Instead, we work on a per-client basis to understand what sets you apart, dissect your current digital marketing efforts, and create a plan that makes you comfortable and profitable.

Transparency and flexibility are at the heart of who we are. We are continually innovating our approach to maximize profits for our clients and always to exceed expectations.

Let our team help you use your data more efficiently with Google Tag Manager management. Schedule a time to chat with our team.

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