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If you are a nonprofit who is looking to advance your mission we would love to connect. Helping nonprofits is near and dear to our hearts! We have experience helping nonprofits secure the Google Ads Grant, as well as supporting all digital marketing initiatives.

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We approach every client the same way. We start by understanding your mission, the people you serve, your nonprofit, and your key objectives. Once we have a deep understanding of those key items, we move onto the research phase. The research phase will help us uncover how we can be good stewards with your budget, to help you reach the right audience, and advance your mission.

One of the tools we like to explore for ever nonprofit to is Google Ads Grant account. Did you know Google offers $10,000 in Google Ads Grant money to eligible nonprofits? This is FREE money to help you promote your nonprofit through Google Ads. You could recruit more volunteers, attract more donations, promote events and much more!

Receiving free marketing dollars is any business dream. All eligible nonprofits need to be taking advantage of this great offering from Google.

Now, you may be asking “how do I make this happen?” Well, it’s a process to get the money. Once you secure the money you need to follow strict guidelines in the account in order to keep receiving the money monthly. Google watches these accounts closely to make sure you are always compliant. This is where Mosaic comes in!

We make it as easy as possible for you by offering the below process.

  1. We will go through the application process for you and secure the Google Grant money
  2. We will work with you to understand your nonprofit and your objectives. We will then leverage the tools we have, combined with decades of experience, to craft a compliant, winning program for you.
  3. We will then closely manage the program to make sure we are always compliant, meeting your objectives and driving growth.

Some of our outstanding nonprofit clients

What is the Google Ads Grant?

Before you can start the enrollment, you need to be sure about what exactly you want to apply for. Google grants is a program that gives money to nonprofit organizations. Google Adwords is a program that allows people to pay to get their advertisements shown on the top of the search engine.

Your nonprofit can bid on relevant keyword phrases using your Google grant money. You’ll need to set up an account on Google AdWords if you want to use this feature. There are limits on how much you can spend per month, per ad group, and per campaign, as well as a limit on your total budget. But if you’re willing to put some effort into finding relevant keywords and setting up campaigns, you should be able to get more bang for your buck.


Google Grant Benefits

Greater visibility and reach for your organization. Increased traffic to key pages on your website (such as your donation page or volunteer information page). Potential for online donations, volunteers, event registrations, and more! Depending on how you plan your ad strategies, you can use your ad campaigns to complete nearly any goal that you have in mind.

There are many different options available to you, but the basic idea behind using Google Ads is simple: You pay a set amount each time someone clicks on an advertisement. This means that you can target specific groups of people who may be interested in what you’re offering. For example, if you’re looking to raise money for a particular cause, you can create a campaign that targets those individuals who share your passion for that cause, and and Google covers the marketing spend, which is the largest benefit.

Is My Nonprofit Eligible?

A nonprofit organization should work with a Google Grant management consultant, like Mosaic eMarketing, to ensure you meet the requirements for a Google Grant. We can also help you identify any potential problems with their applications. To see more details on eligibility requirements, visit Google Grant eligibility.

Make sure your mission is clear, both on your website and your grants application. Also note that if you’re applying for grants, your mission needs to be front and center in your grant application. Make sure Google can easily understand what programs or efforts your nonprofit will use Google AdWords to promote, and that your nonprofit website is as optimized for both search engine rankings and user experience as possible.

Becoming eligible is only the first step. There are strict rules you need to adhere to to make sure you can keep the Google Grant account. We help nonprofits maintain eligibility and use their grants as effectively as possible. Once you’re approved, your nonprofit should register with TechSoup.org. Your nonprofit must be validated before applying for Google Grants. This step takes time, so allow yourself some wiggle room in your timeline.

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Mosaic eMarketing and Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM) partnered with the goal of increasing accuracy of reporting, reaching new potential customers, and helping to grow their member base.

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Mosaic replatformed the O’Neill Healthcare’s website and launched a Google Ads (Adwords) program, and increased their monthly website traffic by 675%.

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