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Increase your web traffic and revenue by targeting highly qualified, engaged users who are actively searching for the things you can help them with.

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Google Ads Management

Whether you are exploring Google Ads for the first time, or you are looking for second opinion, the Mosaic eMarketing team can help. We specialize in offering industry leading Google Ads management to help you manage and grow one of the best acquisition marketing programs out there. Why is Google Ads one of the best acquisition programs available to us?

We are able to proactively get in front of people who are actively searching for the products or services you offer. This gives us a unique opportunity to “answer the call”, and help solve problems. Instead of marketing to people who may not be interested, we are marketing to people who are interested. Because of this, Google Ads can drive:

  • High engagement
  • High conversion rates
  • Increased web traffic
  • More customers
  • Increased revenue

We are proud to say, across the accounts we manage, spanning multiple industries, on average we are beating industry engagement rate benchmarks by over 220% and conversion rate benchmarks by over 245%.

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We are a Google Ads Agency that excels in getting results

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After taking ownership of two Google Ad accounts, one for Sterigenics and one for Nelson Labs, we dove into the data, restructured and rebuilt both Google Ad accounts. Big gains were made to both.

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Mosaic replatformed the O’Neill Healthcare’s website and launched a Google Ads (Adwords) program, and increased their monthly website traffic by 675%.

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Mosaic took over ownership of the Google Ads account and Microsoft Advertising account and immediately course corrected both to drive greater efficiency and results.

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Mosaic eMarketing promotes events for the Arthritis Foundation through Facebook and Instagram to drive event awareness and event signups.

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Mosaic eMarketing and Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM) partnered with the goal of increasing accuracy of reporting, reaching new potential customers, and helping to grow their member base.

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We replatformed and redesigned the Lasting Impressions Landscape and Design website to be response, user friendly, informative, and to rank better on search engines.

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Google Ads Management

Paid search marketing, also known as pay per click or PPC,  is a powerful way to get your company’s products or services in front of people looking for them on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and more. You might see them at the top and bottom of search results pages on Google and Bing. They might look like this on Google if you’re in the market for a decent snow cone maker.

We can help you be found on Google, right away, by developing a sound strategy, executing it with industry best practice, and proactive management to ensure program performance continually improves. Plus, we are certified Google partners. We are a Google Ads agency that excels in getting results, and we love doing it for our partners. You can count on us to be your trusted pay per click service provider.

Google Ads Management



Why PPC is Important (and Awesome)

The search results pages on Google, Bing and Yahoo long ago replaced the phone book’s Yellow Pages, as well as encyclopedia sets, as the way people search for business services or general information.

There are more than 3.5 billion Google searches per day. That’s 40,000 search queries per second, not counting those on Bing and Yahoo. The companies that thrive are the ones answering the bell whenever those search queries concern their specific area of expertise.

That’s why we are equally passionate about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is another digital marketing tool designed to help websites rank as high as possible in organic search results (non-paid).

But most companies do not rank well in organic, or free, search results, and there are no quick fixes for that. Anyone saying otherwise is likely more interested in your money than your well-being.

Which brings us to the magic of paid search advertising.

When to Choose PPC

When conditions are right, you can essentially buy one of the top spots in Google, giving your company the most valuable digital real estate in the world, and paying ONLY when someone clicks your ad and does what we want them to — visit your website to learn more.

Here are some reasons we love PPC and recommend it often:

  • No cost until ads are clicked and a lead is captured. Impressions (viewing eyeballs) are totally free.
  • Essentially no financial risk. No contracts. Daily pay-per-click ad budgets can be capped at any dollar amount. Ads can be shut down any time.
  • Completely transparent and measurable results. Very little guesswork required. All PPC ad performance data is captured and available for real-time viewing. (Mosaic-managed campaigns include standard monthly data analytics reporting with expert analysis and strategic recommendations.)
  • An intelligent PPC campaign is the fastest way (usually days, not weeks) to generate quality web traffic and leads for your business.

“So, hey Mosaic internet people. When are conditions NOT right?”
Glad you asked. Let’s start with:

Mosaic’s Rule #1: You should NEVER, ever, ever, ever spend marketing dollars on anything when the value to your business or organization isn’t obvious and explanatory.

You should NOT invest in PPC when:

  • You don’t have an experienced pay-per-click practitioner running your program, or a PPC agency that is certified and knows what they are doing. You can know and possess all of the ingredients for baking a cake, but you can’t just throw them all in a pan, add heat, and expect a cake to appear magically. There is front-end preparation, technique, timing, even art involved. Novice and careless bakers often have to throw out poorly made cakes or ones left unwatched in the oven. In other words, paid search marketing is a very complex beast and requires an advanced skill set to both develop a strategy, execute with best practice, then manage in a way to drive real growth. Without the proper skillset you’re at risk of throwing away money or not receiving the best possible returns. This is why having a professional Google Ads Management agency is very important.
  • After executing best practices, your search advertising program is losing money, and the brand exposure, lead generation and web traffic you receive isn’t worth the money you’re spending.
  • Your target keywords prove too expensive to bid on because you’re in a highly competitive industry with deep-pocketed advertisers and the value of those expensive leads doesn’t justify the expense. (Keep in mind, though. If that’s the case, there’s likely a good reason the most successful companies in your space are shelling out cash for those expensive keywords, and it’s probably not because they enjoy hemorrhaging money.)
  • You’re selling an unknown product or service brand-new to the market. Pay-per-click campaigns are predicated on a critical mass of people looking for a certain type of product or service. If what you offer isn’t known, then it’s mathematically impossible for people to be searching for it on Google or Bing, which means you’re not likely to earn clicks from any highly qualified leads. There are often more effective digital marketing techniques when bringing new things to market.

Let us help you craft the best strategy, execute it at a high level, then let data drive the ship to deliver optimizations and program growth. You can count on us to be your PPC agency located in the USA that offers best in class pay per click service that is focused on driving exceptional results. Request a free Google Ads proposal or audit today!

What is a PPC Agency, and what do they do?

A PPC Agency (pay-per-click agency) is a type of digital marketing agency that specializes in managing and optimizing PPC advertising campaigns for businesses. PPC advertising involves placing ads on search engines and other websites and paying for each click that the ad receives.

A PPC agency typically offers a range of services related to PPC advertising, including keyword research, ad creation, campaign setup and management, and ongoing optimization to improve the performance of the ads and maximize return on investment (ROI) for the business.

PPC agencies may work with a variety of PPC advertising platforms, including Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and others, and they may specialize in certain industries or types of businesses. By working with a PPC agency, businesses can benefit from the expertise and experience of professionals who can help them get the most out of their PPC advertising campaigns.


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