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If you don’t have the right data, how are you making informed decisions for your company? Grow your data so you can grow your insights with Mosaic eMarketing.

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Bing Webmaster ToolsBing Webmaster Tools, aka Bing Search Console

We approach every client the same way. We start by understanding your customers, your business, and your key objectives. Once we have a deep understanding of those key items, we move onto the research phase. By leveraging sophisticated tools we can understand the potential of each digital marketing channel and customize a strategy for you.

Since Bing Webmaster Tools is a free tool, we recommend all of our clients set it up to help verify, monitor, and manage your Bing search efforts.

Through Bing Search Console, we can:

  1. Manage your SEO performance in this search engine through dedicated insights and reporting features
  2. Identify relevant keywords and key phrases that can be used across your digital marketing efforts to improve traffic
  3. Make valuable HTML improvements to help your website rank higher and function better

As a Bing Search Console agency, we recommend all of our clients use the free resources available to them to maximize their data points and improve their digital marketing efforts.

We love analytics

Why Bing Webmaster Tools Matters

Year over year, Bing’s market share continues to grow. While it still only remains a fraction of Google’s market share, it’s a valuable resource for marketers that shouldn’t be ignored. Because most businesses are laser-focused on Google, it can give you a competitive edge to rank well in Bing. Bing Search Console makes it easier to know where to focus your efforts to make the most significant impact.

As with Google Search Console, Bing Search Console allows you to gain insights about your digital marketing strategy that can then be used across search engines to maximize your visibility and traffic.

Why Partner With Mosaic eMarketing?

Navigating the online world as a business can be a daunting prospect, especially with so many channels that require your attention. It is easy to understand the enormous potential for finding customers online through digital marketing, but it can sometimes be too much for you to manage alone. That’s where Mosaic eMarketing comes in. Our expertise is in analyzing all of your data points to help you find ways to thrive and be profitable at any size budget.

We believe purpose fuels research, and research crafts successful marketing strategies.

Let our Bing Webmaster Tools agency help you use your data more efficiently. Schedule a time to chat with our team.

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