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Logo design is about representing your brand through a singular image. It’s a design that encapsulates what your company is all about. Work with a logo design company that can help you bring that to life.

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Creating a logo can be tricky, and we get that. That’s why we believe in a multistep process to ensure you get a logo you love. In addition to working with you and your team to understand your ideas and requirements, we take it a step further and consider the below as well:

  1. Competitors – A designer should look at your major competitors and design a logo that stands out among the crowd. If you see your logo next to all of your competitors, will yours be the most memorable?
  2. Colors – Colors matter, and each color evokes a different emotion. Do the colors evoke the right emotions?
  3. Style – Does the style and design fit the personality of your brand?
  4. Purpose – Is there a purpose behind the design? All design should have a purpose.
  5. Fit – Will the logo work in all places you need it to work. For example your website, business cards, print material, billboard, etc.?

Some of the logos we have created

Why a logo is important for you business:

  • A logo is the face of your business. It tells people who you are, and sometimes what you do.
  • It’s front in center in all marketing, advertising, and branding. It’s what people will remember most.
  • The style and design can set the tone for you brand and help people understand the personality of your business.
  • All colors evoke different emotions. Does your logo evoke the right emotions for your brand?

Why Partner With Mosaic eMarketing as your next logo design company?

Navigating the online world as a business can be a daunting prospect, especially with so many channels that require your attention. It is easy to understand the enormous potential for finding customers online through digital marketing, but it can sometimes be too much for you to manage alone. That’s where Mosaic eMarketing comes in. Our expertise in logo design helps you find ways to thrive and be profitable at any size budget.

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