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LinkedIn isn’t just for finding jobs anymore. While Facebook, Amazon, and Google all crowd the digital advertising space, it’s leaving room for LinkedIn to stand out from the pack. Mosaic eMarketing can help your brand make the biggest impact.

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LinkedIn Paid Social Strategy

LinkedIn Ads Management: Our Process

LinkedIn has one thing that no other social media platform has: access to business professionals. For B2B businesses, this is hugely valuable. LinkedIn has proven itself beneficial at delivering content and securing an engaged audience that is sometimes difficult to nail down on other social platforms.

Our approach is simple. LinkedIn ads tend to come with a higher cost per click than other social channels. That means LinkedIn ads need to be highly strategic and data-based to make an impact. Our LinkedIn marketing agency understands this and uses analytics to refine and optimize campaigns to maximize effectiveness and ROI.

While there is no clear-cut strategy for finding success on LinkedIn, below are some of the tactics we employ to drive the most significant return on investment:

  1. Strategically utilizing advanced audience targeting to create ads that focus on the most profitable leads
  2. Making use of all the dynamic ad types available for LinkedIn advertising, including carousels, job ads, videos, images, message ads, and more
  3. Creating unique lead-generation campaigns that nurture potential customers through the conversion funnel

While many companies glaze over LinkedIn when creating digital marketing campaigns, for B2B companies, non-profits, universities, and other organizations, the social media outlet can give you a competitive edge.

Why Paid Advertising on LinkedIn Matters

With LinkedIn Marketing, you can raise awareness, drive quality leads and build customer relationships in a way that is unique and targeted. Based on accurate, first-party data from their professional profile, LinkedIn allows you to target audiences based on demographics, geographics, job title, industry, job functions, and more. By partnering with a LinkedIn advertising company, you can drive people to your website or content, collect leads directly on LinkedIn, increase followers for your company page, and get more video views.

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We are proud to say, across the accounts we manage, spanning multiple industries, on average, we are beating industry engagement rate benchmarks by over 220% and conversion rate benchmarks by over 245%. Success for your business is the heart of ours.

Paid advertising on LinkedIn isn’t a strategy that we recommend for everyone. We use data and analytics to develop a custom-tailored process to what we believe will have the most impact on your brand and your bottom line.

We look forward to showing you what we can do. Let us help you thrive through paid advertising on LinkedIn. Set up a time to chat!

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