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Marketing analytics is engrained in our DNA. It’s the lifeblood of our strategy development, account management and optimizations, and ultimately the deciding factor or success. We are so passionate about marketing analytics, and the power of data when harnessed in the right way, that we built a highly sophisticated marketing insights engine called AvanceVue.

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Marketing analytics is in our DNA. Let’s add it to your DNA too!

We are passionate about marketing analytics, and website analytics, and we would love to help you sort through it all. We help companies identify what should be tracked, implement tracking with best practice, and test and validate to ensure successful implementation. If your marketing analytics needs are beyond implementation, we are still here for you. We can help you understand data that is critical for effective management, build custom reporting, or go to the most advanced level, AvanceVue, to help you solve for complex marketing and organizational pain points. In addition, we can pull all of you data sources together, create highly custom reporting, and even give you intelligent AvanceVue Insights, which are marketing insights meant to help you make smarter, data driven decisions. We can help you:

  • Set up Google Analytics, and Google Analytics 4, along with goals to track unique KPI’s
  • Make sense of Googler Tag Manager, and all the tags on your site
  • Verify your tracking and tagging is set up properly, and if there are any errors, implement them properly for you
  • Connect your platforms data platforms and Google product so they talk
  • Set up cloud based reporting for your marketing programs, including pulling multiple data sources together and build custom reporting made for your business
  • Leverage data science to help you answer complex questions like, “Why do I have a customer retention problem and how do I solve it?”, “What marketing programs should I stop, and which should I consider investing more in?”, and “Which customers are my most loyal, and which ones are likely to leave?”

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Learn more about each marketing analytics services

AvanceVue Marketing Insights

We live in a complex world with more data than ever before. But we lack insight. AvanceVue brings insight to all the data and data sources that can positively change your marketing decision-making and sales results.

Conversion Tracking Implementation

If your web traffic isn’t converting, your company is leaving money on the table. Lucky for you, we specialize in conversion rate optimization services designed to turn your traffic into customers.

Google Data Studio Custom Reporting

We love data, don’t you? As Google’s free digital marketing dashboard and reporting tool, you can get customized data insights that help you grow your business.

Google Analytics

All websites should have Google Analytics to help you understand web traffic and user activity. We can help ensure it’s implemented properly, as well as verify your tags are firing when expected to track sales, leads, and certain actions.

Google Search Console Management

How can you drive performance without qualified data points? Gain valuable insights with Google Search Console and use it to make improvements with Mosaic eMarketing.

Bing Webmaster Tools Management

If you don’t have the right data, how are you making informed decisions for your company? Grow your data so you can grow your insights with Mosaic eMarketing.

Google Tag Manager Management

If you aren’t using Google Tag Manager yet, now is the time to start. Gain complete control over your conversion tracking, site analytics, and more with just one little tag.

Web Analytics Consulting

How can you shape the success of your business without data? Learn more about the customers who visit your site by implementing Google Analytics and using it to its full advantage with Mosaic eMarketing.

Marketing analytics is a critical part of marketing that can not be overlooked.

  • Program Value
    With any investment in a digital marketing program, without the proper tracking and tagging, you will never know the true value, or return, of a program or strategy. At a fundamental level, getting this right is critical. For instance, we’ve seen companies double counting orders and revenue that are tied to marketing programs, like PPC programs, or Facebook and Instagram program. They thought the program was twice as successful as it was. On the flip side, we have seen accounts underreport orders, leads, and/or revenue due to bad tracking. In both cases they were lied to because tracking was set up wrong.
  • Program Optimization
    With any digital marketing program, you must lean on data to guide management and optimization decision. We have more access to data today than we ever have. Without the proper implementation, knowing how to drive growth and greater efficiency of spend is impossible. In addition, focusing on the wrong marketing analytics and KPI’s can also present problems. We can solve this for you by building reporting what helps showcase actionable insights that can focus your attention on the things that matter.
  • Strategy Development
    Understanding how users are finding you, what they are doing when they find you, what roadblocks they hit that prevent them from becoming a customer, and which channels are driving the most valuable traffic are only a few critical questions you need to be asking yourself. Understanding these things are essential in developing a strategy to help your website convert better and your programs become more effective.

Some of the tools and platform we leverage

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