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Display advertising, or banner advertising, is unlike any text-based marketing strategies you’re currently using. If you want to have a truly holistic approach to digital marketing, you can’t neglect banner advertising.

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Display Advertising Services: Our Process

As a display advertising agency providing comprehensive Google advertising services, we often get asked if banner ads are worth the time and effort. You can’t measure the success of a display campaign by the click-through rate alone. Display ads boost brand awareness and the intent to purchase in a way that text ads can’t.

Whether you’re new to display advertising or your current approach isn’t working, our team is well-versed in creating data-driven strategies that produce results. Just some of the tactics our banner advertising agency employs include:

  1. Focusing on advanced targeting options to select look-a-like audiences of your customers based on geographic region, demographic information, interests, and more
  2. Optimizing our approach by creating ads for the Google Display Network, Spectrum, Google Discovery, and more
  3. Creating dynamic, eye-catching images and graphics that are proven to drive results
  4. Geofence a building, tradeshow, event, or any location to boost your presence
  5. Run Remarketing campaigns to keep your brand in front of high intent customers on relevant platforms like YouTube, Gmail, popular websites, popular apps, and more

As a display advertising agency, our goal is to remove the hesitations about trying new digital marketing techniques and help you make the right investments with your budget. We don’t see digital marketing as a one-size-fits-all approach, making all the difference in driving results for our clients.

Why Display Advertising Matters

Unlike other advertising channels, which can require significant investments, major competition, and a laser-focused approach, banner ads are relatively inexpensive to run and easy to produce. With just the use of strategic imagery and some text, you can create visually appealing campaigns and help you drive traffic back to your site. 

Search advertising is designed to influence a targeted audience to make a purchase. But what display advertising services do is help create the initial interest in your brand. Display ads typically have a broad reach and are found most often on websites that potential customers frequent. As part of a holistic digital marketing campaign, display ads can help build your brand awareness and meet customers where they are already shopping.

Why Choose Mosaic eMarketing For Display Ad Services?

One of the biggest things that sets us apart from other display ad agencies is our distinctive perspective. Our banner advertising agency takes a highly analytical approach that guides every decision we make for our clients. We don’t focus on what’s trendy or what everyone else is doing; we use data to identify your niche, drive conversions, and hit your goals. We handle every banner ad with a data-based mindset that helps us to best utilize your marketing dollars in a way that meets your goals. Let’s talk more. Schedule a time to chat with our team.

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